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On this page we provide information about the Amsterdam Pass from Go City. We are a partner of Go City and answer the following questions:

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Amsterdam Pass: Quick overview

There are two versions of the Amsterdam Pass:

Amsterdam Pass from Go City

1) Amsterdam All Inclusive Pass

  • Visit as many attractions as you like
  • Choose from 40+ attractions (show all)
  • Validity: 2, 3 or 5 days
  • Digital ticket for your mobile phone
  • Digital travel guide included

Some top attractions: Canal cruise, Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, Heineken Experience, A'DAM Lookout, This is Holland, Madame Tussauds, AMAZE ...

Price: from 114 € to 189 € - depending on validity period

Amsterdam Pass from Go City

2) Amsterdam Explorer Pass

  • Visit 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions
  • Choose from 35+ attractions (show all)
  • Validity: 60 days
  • Digital ticket for your mobile phone
  • Digital travel guide included

Some top attractions: Canal cruise, Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, Heineken Experience, A'DAM Lookout, This is Holland, Madame Tussauds, AMAZE ...

Price: from 69 € to 149 € - depending on the number of attractions

How the Amsterdam Pass works

The Amsterdam Pass is a product of the Go City company. It is actually two products that work differently: the All Inclusive Pass and the Explorer Pass.

1) Amsterdam All Inclusive Pass: This pass gives you a choice of more than 40 attractions. You can enjoy as many attractions as you like on 2, 3 or 5 consecutive calendar days. The only restriction is the validity period of the pass. The more attractions you visit, the more worthwhile the All Inclusive Pass.

2) Amsterdam Explorer Pass: This pass gives you a choice of around 35 attractions, but you can only visit 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions. The validity period is very long at 60 days. The more expensive attractions you visit, the more the Explorer Pass pays off.

The most important offers include

  • Admission to This is Holland, A'DAM Lookout, Heineken Experience, Madame Tussauds
  • Top museums: Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Moco Museum, Rembrand House
  • Guided city tour and Anne Frank tour
  • Canal cruise through the canals of Amsterdam
  • Zaanse Schans bus tour, Edam and Volendam tour

After purchase, you will receive all information and the pass itself by e-mail. The Amsterdam City Pass is a purely digital product.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the queues, but must collect your free ticket at the ticket office of the respective attraction. Reservations are required for some popular attractions. This helps to avoid waiting times.

Amsterdam Pass: This is included

The Amsterdam Pass from Go City includes more than 40 attractions that you can visit without having to buy additional tickets. These include popular sights, numerous museums, a canal cruise, the Heineken Experience and excursions into the Amsterdam countryside.

Some of these offers are only included in the All Inclusive Pass. However, most attractions can be visited with both Amsterdam Passes.

Amsterdam Pass with canal cruise on the canals
© Carlotta Segna / Unsplash

Museums with the Amsterdam Pass

With the Amsterdam City Pass you can visit a number of popular museums:

  • Moco Museum
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • H'ART Museum
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Rembrandt House Museum
  • Houseboat museum
  • Jewish cultural quarter
  • ….

You can also visit other museums (show all museums). You can visit most museums at any time during the validity period of the Amsterdam Pass. No reservation is required. Only for the Rijksmuseum do you need to make an online reservation.

Attractions with the Amsterdam Pass

You can visit the following attractions with the pass without having to buy additional tickets:

  • Heineken Experience
  • Canal cruise (1 hour)
  • This is Holland flight simulation
  • A'DAM viewing platform
  • Festival of Lights canal cruise (only during the Festival of Light)
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Amsterdam Dungeon
  • AMAZE Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Muiderslot Castle
  • … (Show all attractions)

You can visit many attractions at any time during the validity period of the Amsterdam Pass. Only some attractions require a reservation.

Guided tours & excursions

And that's not all. The Amsterdam Pass from Go City includes some interesting tourist offers that allow you to explore Amsterdam with ease:

  • Guided city tour
  • Guided Anne Frank tour
  • Zaanse Schans bus tour
  • Pedal boating in Amsterdam
  • Hire a bike and explore Amsterdam yourself
  • Edam, Volendam & the windmills
  • Excursion to Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague
  • … (show all tours)

Booking is essential for most guided tours.

Amsterdam Pass incl. Reichsmuseum
© jennieramida / Unsplash

What the Amsterdam Pass does not include

The Amsterdam Pass includes many attractions. You can visit many sights and take part in tours for days without getting bored. However, there are some offers that are not included in the Amsterdam Pass:

  • Hop-on/Hop-off bus
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Fabrique des Lumières
  • Public transport
  • Johan Cruijff ArenA
  • Amsterdam Zoo

These services would be a useful addition to the Amsterdam Pass. Go City is constantly developing its offer so that some of these attractions could be offered in the future.

Reservations with the Amsterdam Pass

As a rule, you can visit the participating sights in Amsterdam directly and show your digital Amsterdam Pass. The QR code it contains is then scanned and you receive your admission ticket. Bookings are not always necessary or possible.

Amsterdam Pass: Tulips in Amsterdam
© Catalina Fedorova / Unsplash

However, there are some exceptions. For example, you must book a visit to the Rijksmuseum, Madame Tussauds, This is Holland or AMAZE Amsterdam. Participation in the guided tours and excursions also requires a reservation. Under the following link you will find a list of all attractions for which a reservation is required: Amsterdam Pass reservations.

A helpful tip for planning your trip: Go City offers you a digital travel guide. This consists of a detailed PDF file containing details of all participating attractions. In this guide you will find important information about which attractions require a reservation and how you can make one. Once you have purchased your pass, you will receive access to this digital guide. The same information is also available in the Go City app.

Is the Amsterdam Pass worth it?

The Amsterdam All Inclusive Pass is a good choice if you want to visit many sights and take advantage of various tourist offers. The Amsterdam Explorer Pass can be interesting for travellers who only want to visit a few sights.

But is the Amsterdam Pass also worth it financially? This question is answered in this section.

How much does the Amsterdam All Inclusive Pass cost?

The price of the All Inclusive Pass depends on the period of validity. The longer the All Inclusive Pass is valid, the more expensive it becomes. However, the price-performance ratio improves as the period of validity increases.

  • 2 days: 114 € = 57,00 € per day
  • 3 days: 139 €
  • 5 days: 189 € = 37,80 € per day

How much does the Amsterdam Explorer Pass cost?

The price of the Explorer Pass depends on the number of attractions. The more attractions you can visit with the Explorer Pass, the higher the price. However, the price per attraction decreases.

  • 3 attractions: 69 € = 23,00 € per attraction
  • 4 attractions: 89 €
  • 5 attractions: 104 €
  • 6 attractions: 114 €
  • 7 attractions: 149 € = 21,29 € per attraction

There is a discounted Amsterdam Pass for children aged 3 to 12. Young people aged 13 and over have to pay the full price.

Tip: These regular prices apply on the official Go City website. The company regularly organises price promotions so that you can benefit from reduced prices from time to time. Check here the current daily price.

Amsterdam Pass discount code

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All Inclusive Pass: Example for 3 days

Generally speaking, the longer the validity period of the All Inclusive Pass, the cheaper it is per day. The option with a validity period of three days is particularly popular. The price increases only slightly with each additional day. The example of the 3-day pass is a good illustration of the potential savings.

AttractionPrice with Amsterdam PassPrice without Amsterdam Pass
Rijksmuseum0,- €22,50 €
Canal cruise0,- €20,00 €
Heineken Experience0,- €23,00 €
This is Holland0,- €23,00 €
Madame Tussauds0,- €23,50 €
Guided city tour0,- €25,00 €
Moco Museum0,- €21,95 €
A'DAM viewing platform0,- €16,50 €
Total139,00 € (purchase price)175,45 €

Conclusion: With the Amsterdam All Inclusive Pass, you can make significant savings if you include two to three services each day - especially the expensive ones. We recommend visiting attractions near the city centre in particular. Tours outside Amsterdam are less suitable as they take more time.

Explorer Pass: example for 5 attractions

The following applies to the Amsterdam Explorer Pass: the more attractions you visit, the cheaper the price per attraction. With the 5-attraction pass (purchase price: 104,00 €), you pay an average of 20,80 € per attraction. You should therefore only visit attractions that cost at least 20,80 €.

You can use the following services with the Explorer Pass:

  • Rijksmuseum: 22,50 €
  • Heineken Experience: €23.00
  • Guided city tour: 25,00 €
  • Edam & Volendam Tour: €47.50
  • AMAZE Amsterdam: 26,95 €

If you were to visit these attractions without an Amsterdam Pass, you would have to pay €144.95. With the Amsterdam Explorer Pass, you save almost €41.

Conclusion: With the Amsterdam Explorer Pass, you can save money by visiting the most expensive attractions. As the pass is valid for 60 days, time is not an issue. So you can also take part in excursions, even if this takes a little more time.

But beware: It is not worth visiting inexpensive sights and museums.

Purchase, download & activation

The Amsterdam Pass is offered by Go City and can be purchased via the official website. There you have various payment options, including credit/debit card, Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to download the Amsterdam Pass. With your purchase, you will also receive access to a digital travel guide containing detailed information on all participating attractions and reservation details.

The digital ticket in the form of a QR code can be saved on a smartphone, printed out or used in the free Go City app, into which the pass can be easily imported. The app also provides comprehensive information on all the benefits of the pass.

The pass is activated as soon as you use it for the first time at an attraction.

If you have not yet activated your Amsterdam Pass, you can cancel it free of charge up to 90 days after the date of purchase. To do this, contact Go City customer service.

Amsterdam Pass from Go City

Arguments against the Amsterdam Pass

The Amsterdam Pass from Go City is a very good product. However, there are also arguments against buying it:

No quick entry: With the Amsterdam Pass you do not enjoy fast track access for quick entry. You usually have to queue at the ticket office to get your free admission ticket. However, reservations are possible for some popular attractions.

Explorer Pass is not always worthwhile: The Amsterdam Explorer Pass is definitely not worthwhile for inexpensive sights and museums. The Explorer Pass should only be used for expensive attractions to make the purchase really worthwhile.

All Inclusive Pass for two days is less worthwhile: The All Inclusive Pass for just two days is quite expensive. However, there is only a small charge for each additional day. The longer you stay in Amsterdam, the more worthwhile the Amsterdam Pass becomes.

No public transport: Unfortunately, you cannot use Amsterdam's public transport with this pass. The hop-on hop-off buses are also not included. You will therefore have to organise a city tour or a ticket for local transport yourself.

Some attractions are missing: Although the Amsterdam Pass is very comprehensive, it does not include a few interesting attractions: Hop-on/Hop-off, Fabrique des Lumières, Van Gogh Museum, etc.

Conclusion: Who is the Amsterdam Pass suitable for?

The Amsterdam Pass may be suitable for your trip to the Dutch capital in the following circumstances:

  • You want to visit some of the best museums in Amsterdam. The pass gives you free access to the Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Maritime Museum and Rembrandt House, among others. With the All Inclusive Pass, museum lovers can visit great museums for days on end.
  • You would like to take part in one or more guided city tours.
  • You want to visit several popular attractions. The Amsterdam Pass includes many attractions that are well worth a visit.
  • You want to explore Amsterdam intensively: You should use about three services a day to make the All Inclusive Pass really pay off. Then you can make significant savings.
  • You are also interested in expensive tours outside Amsterdam (Edam & Volendam, Rotterdam & The Hague, Zaanse Schans). Then the Amsterdam Explorer Pass is particularly worthwhile.

Questions & Answers

Does the Amsterdam Pass grant fast track entry?

No, as a rule you do not have fast-track entry. For most attractions and museums, you have to report to the box office to get your ticket. Reservations are required for very popular attractions. This can shorten waiting times.

Can the purchase be cancelled free of charge?

Yes, the purchase of the Amsterdam Pass can be cancelled free of charge at Go City within 90 days of the date of purchase. However, this only applies if you have not yet activated your pass.

Is the Amsterdam Pass suitable for families?

The Amsterdam Pass can be suitable for families, as it includes many attractions that are also interesting for children: Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam Dungeon, canal cruise, A'DAM Lookout etc.

There is a discounted pass for children between the ages of 3 and 12. The Explorer Pass is particularly suitable for families, as it can be worthwhile even if you only visit a few attractions. With the All Inclusive Pass, on the other hand, many offers have to be used for the pass to be worthwhile.

Are there also good city passes for other European cities?

Yes, for example for Verona, Copenhagen, Barcelona or Dublin:

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